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Frequently Asked Questions


How is this different from my hot tub?


It’s exactly the same as your hot tub if:

  • You shut the jets off

  • Decreased the temperature to match skin temperature

  • Added 1000 lbs of Epsom salt

  • Put a lid on it.


The float tank is designed to shut off any sensory stimulation. It’s over 8ft long and 5ft wide so you can stretch out and float without touching the sides. I love hot tubs as they are relaxing, but the experience and the benefits are completely different.


Do I need to bring anything?


Just an open mind and the desire for deep relaxation. We provide towels, skin care and styling products. Our products are by Malin+Goetz and are designed with the exclusion of nasty chemicals. They are available for purchase in the General Store after your float.


What if I am claustrophobic?


We’ve had several self proclaimed claustrophobes float with us. We are happy to say that none of them have reported any anxious moments in the tank. You are in complete control of both the lid and the lighting at all times. The interior of the tank is similar to the size Volkswagen Beetle.


How do you clean the tank?


Immediately after your float, the water in the tank is circulated 3 ½ times through a 1 micron filter. An automatic chlorine dosing pump then brings the water up to standards provided by the Saskatchewan Board of Health. Also, remember that the water contains 1000lbs of salt. Salt has been used for centuries to successfully keep nasty microscopic critters at bay.


What if I fall asleep? Will I drown?


Many people fall asleep in the tank. In fact several float centres in North America have float sessions that last all night (sorry, not us yet). The worst that can happen is a rude awakening by a little salt in your eyes.


Is there any research behind floating?


Yes! Floating has been around for over 40 years. Canada is lucky to have Dr. Peter Suedfeld, one of the world’s leading researchers on Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Suedfeld and scores of other researchers from around the world have proven the benefits of floatation therapy.

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